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Fine Art Packing Services

The precise packing of your artwork is one of the most crucial stages of the art transportation process. Good packaging helps to protect and maintain the integrity of your artwork.

fine art packaging serviceAt Cube Fine Art Services Hong Kong our dedicated move managers will use their expertise to determine the unique requirements of each one of your art pieces. Our experts will then create a bespoke packing solution, which will ensure your art remains in optimal condition at every stage of moving process. Our move managers will manage the entire packing process from start to finish, ensuring that you and your valuable art collection, receive the best possible service.

  • Initial assessment and recommendations
  • Measurement and bespoke art case building
  • Lining of case with polystyrene for increased protection
  • Wrapping of the artwork in rigorously tested and approved breathable materials.
  • Placing the artwork correctly into the purpose built case
  • Sealing the case and overseeing the loading process into the transportation vehicle

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