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Storing Your Family Heirlooms

23 October, 2014

Preserving works of art, antiques or any special items of sentimental value to pass on to future generations, is a wonderful way of maintaining family ties.

Specialist Storage For Family Heirlooms

The personal nature of much loved items can have huge emotional and sentimental value, quite aside from their market value as antiques or collectables. Passing on treasured items to younger family members creates a great bond and is a wonderful way to preserve a little bit of your history.

Instead of simply passing on that vase you love so much, or the brooch that was handed down to you from your grandmother, be sure to pass on the stories that give meaning to the piece. A written account is better than verbal and can be kept together with the item you wish to pass on.

Specialist Storage Units For Family Heirlooms

Any item of value or sentimentality, or that is old and delicate should be stored in a special environment to help preserve them for as long as possible. Not only does this maintain their condition, but it also stops items from being accidentally damaged, helping to maintain their value.

The best place to store family heirlooms is in a carefully climate controlled environment, that is clear and has a stable temperature. Unfortunately, our homes are rarely the best place to keep such items and you can find that moisture and dust degrade your treasures.

To keep antiques or anything you wish to pass on to your children or grandchildren, we strongly recommend that you make use of a specialist art storage units, that will help you preserve both the condition and value of your possessions.

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