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Why Use A Specialist Removal & Storage Company?

23 January, 2015

It goes without saying that moving any possessions is an activity that should be carried out with the utmost of care, however, when it comes to fine art collections, it is imperative that they are handled with the highest possible levels of care. Trusting valuable works of arts to a standard removals company is a risk that you really don't want to take.

Art Removal Service

Paintings and sculptures require careful handling, and specialist knowledge, because moving a valuable sculpture is not like moving items from your average home or office. Many items, like large format paintings will require specialist containers to pack and carry them in which will help to minimise damage whilst in transit.

As well as requiring special packing, valuable works of art also need to be handled with care and respect in order to cut down on the chances of damaging anything fragile.

A specialist fine art removals team will have all of the necessary packing and moving equipment, as well as the experience needed to ensure your art collection arrives in one piece, in perfect condition.

6 Reasons To Use A Specialist Removal Company

  • Specialist handling experience
  • Moving equipment suitable for moving fine art and pieces of valuable sculpture
  • Packaging suitable for protecting valuable works of art
  • The whole process is expertly project managed
  • Installation assistance provied
  • Specialist fine art storage provided if necessary

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